Our Story

Making connections

When M.H. and his family came to Winnipeg in 2017, he thought his problems would be over. “We had no friends, no understanding of the language… everything was new here,” he explained.

Building community

Adding to the obstacles, M.H. and his spouse struggled to find the proper support for their two sons. Both have disabilities and require wheelchairs, frequent trips to medical appointments, and 24/7 care. Then, M.H. found help that made life a little easier. Elmwood Community Resource Centre (ECRC), a United Way Winnipeg donor-supported family resource centre, provided the family with food and clothing, financial assistance, accessible transportation, and resettlement support to help ease their stress and worries. Additionally, ECRC offered something M.H. deeply longed for: community.

For over 20-years, Elmwood Community Resource Centre has worked tirelessly and passionately to help families and individuals who need support like M.H. to build a better life and receive the helping hand they deserve. Not only do we assist with newcomer transitions, but we provide many resources and programs that promote and guide the well-being of community members in Elmwood.

Founded in 2001 by the Elmwood Interagency Network, Chalmers Neighbourhood Project, and West Elmwood Residents Association, ECRC is ran by a team of dedicated individuals that serve the needs of Elmwood’s growing community with the help from our partners and funders.

We’re proud
of how far
we’ve come!

Our new site and dedicated team of staff allows us to help Elmwood community members with their core needs so they can flourish.
Elmwood Community Resource Centre (ECRC) was founded.
Partnership with the Winnipeg Police through the Elmwood Community Cadets.
200 Levis Street opens in response to the high demand from the community.
Initiated multiple recycling initiatives, such as ‘Elmwood Green Sprouts’.
Green Team hosts IHOPE awards to promote recycling.
ECRC rebrands their logo.
Moves into 545 Watt Street building and launches website.
Recognized provincially for 15-years of service to the community.
Completion of renovation project at the centre’s 545 Watt Street location.
Develops ‘Blue Print for Hope’, an empowerment model for youth ages 14-21.
Awakening Women’s Empowerment Program receives award by University of Manitoba.
Represents Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance on the Gender-Based Violence Strategy Board.
Recognized provincially for 20-years of service to the community.

We want to partner with you to expand our centre’s programs and services.