Children & Family Programs

Providing services to community members, caregivers, and their children to encourage growth and overall wellbeing.

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Drop-in Program

We’re here to assist you – a safe and welcoming space to connect with friends and family. We provide access to a phone, fax, computer, and information on community resources.

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ECRC Family Counselling

Through individual or family therapy, the program is intended to strengthen families and youth who have experienced and or currently experiencing domestic violence, life difficulties and trauma.

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Mental Wellness Coalition

Promoting the positive development of families, children, and youth in Elmwood.

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Reach Out!

An after-school program for youth in Grades 7 to 12. We encourage youth to make informed, positive choices and aim to help them achieve their potential and become the best versions of themselves.

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Tot Spot for Parents

Providing short term childcare support for parents in the Elmwood Community while they attend a job interview, attend an important appointment, or take time to care for themselves.

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Mini-Year Program

Providing services to parents, caregivers, and their children to encourage growth and physical wellbeing.

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Summer Literacy Camp

A 6-week summer camp for Elmwood children between the ages of 5 to 11 years, with an emphasis on enriching both children’s academic capacity and engaging them through recreational activities during the break.

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“The counselling group gave me a sense of connection and belonging. Since the Pandemic I have isolated myself from everything and coming to the group here at the centre has given me back my social support.”

Counselling Program

“Through the various opportunities at ECRC, I was supported to make the necessary changes in my life to move forward. I was blessed to have access to many programs, and I was encouraged to enroll my kids in their after-school program.”

Drop-In Program (After-School)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for starting counselling?
After contacting the counselling manager you will be placed on a wait list until the intake counsellor contacts you for an intake appointment. During the intake appointment, the intake counsellor will ask you questions about what you hope to accomplish through counselling as well as questions relating to your history in order to match you with services that are suitable to your needs. The intake appointment is also a good time to ask any questions you have about counselling. If it is determined that counselling is the right fit, you will be matched with a counsellor who will contact you to set up your first counselling session.
How many sessions will I get?
We offer both short- and long-term counselling services, this means you can be assigned anywhere from 10 to 35 sessions. The number of sessions you have will be assigned by the executive director based on her assessment.
Is there a cost for counselling and how long is the wait?
No, our counselling services are completely free. After your initial conversation with the counselling manager, the wait for an intake appointment is usually around two weeks. After the intake appointment the wait time to start counselling depends on the availability of the counsellors, however the wait time is often around two weeks.
Can I have my counselling sessions remotely?
Yes, you can choose to have your counselling sessions in person, via phone, or via zoom depending on what works best for you!
If you have any other questions, Get in touch with our team.

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