Mental Wellness Coalition

The Elmwood Mental Wellness Coalition is a community based coordinated effort to enhance the mental wellness of youth, families, and the larger community by supporting services that promote mental wellness through defining community needs, building tools/resources, increasing awareness around mental wellness, coping mechanisms, case management, connection to resources /services, developing partnership and collaboration within the community. A coalition of community organizations, schools, health agencies, institutions and community members that are working together to promote mental health initiatives in the Elmwood community

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The goal of the program is to promote positive youth development by addressing risk factors in the community.

Supporting Services
Engaging individuals and groups in direct outreach support by defining community needs, building tools and connecting resources/services.
Mental Wellness
Increasing community awareness through the promotion of resources, programs, and tools to build capacity and understanding surrounding the importance of mental health and wellness.
Community Collaboration
Active collaboration with community agencies and organizations focused on mental health and wellness in the community.

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