Our Team and Board

Our team and board promotes an environment that fosters respect and friendship. We’re fortunate to work with a group of individuals that are dedicated to creating change.

ECRC Employment

Senior Leadership Team

Nina Condo
Executive Director
Associate Executive Director
Hilda De Souza
Senior Director of People Engagement & Program
Benedicta Akinriyibi Temitope
Finance & Admin Director
Tarek Aziz
Director of Literacy & Training Programs

Administrative Team

Kami Denkova
Administrative Assistant
Mark Stine
Operation Manager
Anne Pinnock
Community Engagement & Fundraising Manager
Rahel Wube
Program & Childcare Assistant

Counselling Program

Charlene Connors
Counselling Manager
Bennie Aaron and Kierra Ferguson Edwards
Intake & Crisis Counsellor
Fazla Ashraff
Couple & Family Therapist
Derek Stewner
Family Violence Counsellor

Employment & Literacy Training Program (EYEE, BF, GOAL)

Daniel Gravel
Labour Market & Training Manager
Carol Borel
Teacher Building Futures
Genelyn Navarro
Youth Employment Outreach
Ebenezer Ayim
Employment Specialist
Myla Terminez
Goal Teacher

Newcomer Settlement Program

Zone Settlement Manager
Jonathan Worae
Zone Settlement Worker & Intake
Esther Munguyiko
Zone Settlement Worker & Counsellor
Carolina Moreno
Zone Settlement Worker
Rose Anderson
GBV Zone Settlement Worker

After School Program

Allysa Thompson
Social Inclusion & Development Manager
Mungu Mulumeoderhwa
Youth Facilitator
Hurui Berkatab
Youth Facilitator
Mental Wellness Coordinator
“What I like most about working at ECRC is the compassion that the staff has, in other words, we don’t treat our clients as numbers, or files, or cases, but as human beings, who have needs, dreams and goals– we help to achieve them.”
GOAL Coordinator

Join us in 2023

We hold our Annual General Meeting every September. You can view our 2022 year-end and program reports, as well as our audited financial statements.

Our dedicated board

Marko Gjuric
Board Of Director
Mathew Nordlund
Board Of Director
Menal Al Fekih
Board Of Director
Lisa Wlasichuk
Board Of Director
Dr. Amanda Condon
Board Of Director
Amrita Chavan
Board Of Director
Dr. Jessica Clendenan
Board Of Director
Denise Young
Board Of Director
Laryssa Bogucki
Board Of Director
Emmanuel Ayeni
Board Of Director
Subhdeep Sidhu
Board Of Director

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