Tot Spot for Parents

A program for parents around Elmwood area who would like to drop off their children while they take time off to attend a job interview, visit with the Counsellor at the Centre, go shopping or take time to care of themselves, have a mental wellness refresher to avoid burnout. Program is available on a case by case basis and based on the availability of our childcare staff.

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Breaks for Well-Being
It is important to take regular breaks to do something restorative to avoid burnout– the experience of parenting is then transformed and refreshed.
Breaking Down Barriers
We know that safe childcare can be very costly and hard to find. Tot Spot is free for anyone in the community. Just register your child and call us to book your childcare appointment.
Children Wellbeing and Health
Offer child-appropriate programming where children can engage in age appropriate literacy, crafts, activities, and games.

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