Essential Food Community Garden and BAG (Better Access to Groceries) Program

The Elmwood Community Gardens are used by community residents who grow and produce food over the summer months. The BAG program provides the community with better access to fresh and low-cost fruits and vegetables.

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Learn more about Essential Food / BAG (Better Access to Groceries) program:

Access to Essential Food
In partnership with local stores and additional funding we offer emergency food supplies that is free to community by calling the Centre. For the community gardens boxes application form, please contact us by April of each year to sign up. Community members can access the BAG Program by contacting
Healthy Eating
Promote community engagement activities and healthy eating. Over 40 boxes are used by community member who grow produce over the summer months for the dinner table.
Garden Benefits
Gardens can be therapeutic for those who care for them and watch them grow. It also brings the community together and often gardeners socialize and share their skills.

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