Post Partum Depression (PPD)

Post partum depression commonly affects mothers, therefore it's important to recognize the signs with our list of symptoms and get the help you need.

Post-partum depression (PPD) affect mothers' mood, thoughts, behaviours, and overall well being. PPD usually occurs between 2 weeks after birth, up to 1 year.

Women are at a high risk of developing depression during pregnancy or following the birth of a baby if she:

  • Has had depression in the past
  • Has family members with a history of depression or anxiety
  • Experiencing domestic violence/abuse, or problems in her relationship
  • Lack support system
  • Have unrealistic expectations of herself
  • Recent stressful life events such as losses, housing concerns, financial concerns…
  • Recently immigrated to a new country, or new city

Women who are experiencing PPD may feel:

  • Feel extremely sad
  • Feel anxious
  • Feel angry and irritable
  • Feel hopeless and overwhelmed
  • Loose interest in things she used to like
  • Drastic change on sleeping patterns
  • Isolate from family, friends, and other people
  • Feel guilt and shame “that she is an awful mother”
  • Low energy and crying often for no reason
  • Eating patterns change
  • Scary thoughts 

If these symptoms last for more than 2-weeks and impact your ability to look after you baby, and/or carry out your daily activities, please call your Doctor.

There is help:

  • Talk to your doctor, or counsellor
  • Call your public health nurse
  • Call Health Links @ 1-888-315-9257
  • Attend ‘Baby ‘n’ Me’ program, or other support groups
  • Reach out to friends, and/or family members for support

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